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Niagara Sustainability Initiative
Budgeting & Cash Flow Tracking 
• Support the Executive Director in the development of a static budget for Niagara Sustainability  
• Support the Executive Director in the development and maintenance of a cash flow tracking process 
• Creation/maintenance of a flexible budget, as deemed necessary.  
• Tracking of key financial and performance metrics, with a comparison to budget, on a monthly basis.  
Financial Record Keeping & Reporting 
• Responsible for maintaining tools/processes/systems for tracking financial performance in order to increase day-to-day transparency as it relates to Niagara Sustainability Initiative’s financial position.  
• Responsible for recording the appropriate accruals against the given grants held within the organization at any given time and working closely with the Functional Area to whom the grant is allotted 
• Responsible for ensuring the grantors page of the NSI website remains current at all times 
• Support the Executive Director in the creation of annual financial statements in a timely manner. 
External Relations 
• Support the Executive Director on the preparation and support of the annual audit