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Albright Centre, Albright Manor
Looking for volunteers to assist in the cleaning of glue off of furniture around the home.
Kitchen Assistant   Niagara Falls / Niagara-on-the-Lake  St Catharines / Thorold 
YWCA Niagara Region, Main Administration Office
183 King Street, St Catharines & 6135 Culp Street, Niagara Falls
- Help prepare meals, i.e., peeling, cutting, cooking, etc. 
- Maintain health regulations/standards while working in kitchen 
- Clean up kitchen and dining room before and after meals 
- Assist in cleaning up dishes after each meal 
- Assist in tidying and mopping floors, etc. 
- Assist in helping move donations when required 
- Garbage removal
Habitat for Humanity Niagara
Various locations.
• Provide assistance with salvage operations which may include careful removal / recovery of kitchen cabinets, vanities, fixtures, appliances, light fixtures, store fixtures, shelving, counters including laminate, granite and other solid materials etc. 
• Salvage operations are mainly in residential homes but may include commercial and institutional settings. 
• Assist with assembly and return of tools and equipment. 
• Maintain safe working practices and safe lifting techniques to protect self and team members. 
• Use safety equipment when appropriate and / or when directed by team leader. 
• Makes sure that the work area has been cleaned before leaving the site (vacuuming, dust, etc.) 
• Promote and maintain the brand of Habitat for Humanity.
Niagara Furniture Bank
53 Ontario Streeet, St Catharines (Office and Warehouse)
Sorting linens, towels, kitchen ware, and other household items. 
Steam cleaning furniture. 
Organising the warehouse