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Alternative/Contingent Workers

Individuals whose jobs are alternatives to traditional permanent, full-time work. Included are part time workers, contract workers, temporary workers, day labourers, on-call workers, seasonal workers and temporary workers.

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Individuals who are participating in a program that provides a combination of paid, structured on-the-job training and related classroom instruction in which they learn the practical and theoretical aspects of a designated trade, craft or occupation under the supervision of a skilled craft worker.

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Internationally Trained Skilled Workers

Professionals and skilled tradespeople whose work training and experience were obtained in another country.

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Laid Off Workers

Individuals who have lost their jobs as a result of downsizing or other problems in the workplace that have caused reductions in staff.

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Individuals who have made a decision to retire and are no longer seeking full time employment. Some nominally retired persons may engage in part-time work for economic or other reasons.

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The above terms and definitions are part of the Taxonomy of Human Services, used here by permission of INFO LINE of Los Angeles.