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Environmental Hazards Cleanup

Programs that are responsible for eliminating pollutants, radiant or other energy or other substances from people's homes, yards or other environments once those materials have been identified as hazardous.

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Environmental Hazards Information

Programs that provide general information about specific environmental pollutants, associated safety hazards, testing procedures and measures for remediation.

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Environmental Hazards Reporting

Programs that provide a hotline or other mechanisms that people who are involved in or witness to an environmental emergency can use to file a report with the proper authorities. An environmental emergency is a situation that poses an immediate threat to public health or the environment resulting from the release or potential release of oil, hazardous chemicals or radioactive materials into the air, land or water. Environmental emergencies may include: oil or chemical spills onto soil or into surface water, groundwater, or storm drains and sanitary sewers; leaking or reacting drums of known or unknown chemical or hazardous waste; leaking underground storage tanks; fires involving tires, PCBs, pesticides or other chemicals; accidents involving the transportation of chemicals, oil or other petroleum products; improper disposal or handling of asbestos, and biomedical, radioactive or hazardous waste; and mercury spills.

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Personal Service Health Inspections

Programs that conduct regular health inspections of health spas, tattoo and permanent makeup studios, body piercing shops, aesthetics salons, hairdressing and barber shops, nail salons, waxing/hair removal services, tanning studios and other personal services businesses to check that cleaning, sanitation and infection control practices are followed in order to protect the health of patrons and prevent the spread of infection and disease.

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Pest Control Services

Programs that investigate established infestations of insects, rodents and other pests which may endanger the health of the community or cause damage to homes and other structures, crops and gardens; provide abatement services or appropriate poisons or repellents; and/or offer advice and guidance regarding steps individual property owners can take to eradicate infestations.

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Pool Sanitation

Programs that are responsible for inspecting public and semi-public swimming pools and spas to ensure that health and safety standards are being met in areas such as treatment and management, general sanitation and safety practices. These programs may also respond to complaints about stagnant or unsecured private pools or spas.

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Public Health Inspection/Remediation Expense Assistance

Programs that provide financial assistance to help people detect and/or clean up harmful levels of asbestos, lead, mould, radon or other pollutants; radiation; indoor air pollution; soil or water contaminants; pest infestations; or other unhealthful or unsanitary environmental conditions in their homes, yards or other environments.

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Restaurant/Food Sanitation

Programs that enforce food handling and dispensing laws and regulations by regularly inspecting restaurants, food stands, mobile food vehicles and carts (e.g., lunch trucks, ice cream trucks, produce carts), summer food service sites, congregate meal sites, employee on-site feeding operations, catering services, food sampling booths, wholesale food processing and manufacturing plants, markets, bakeries and food vending machines for health hazards; consulting with food facilities regarding improved food handling practices; and issuing citations and fines to establishments that have failed to comply with prescribed health practices and regulations. The program also provides information about requirements for retail food establishments, restaurant ratings and a list of establishments that have been closed because of health violations.

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The above terms and definitions are part of the Taxonomy of Human Services, used here by permission of INFO LINE of Los Angeles.