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Ecosystem Management

Programs that protect and restore entire ecosystems (natural areas made up of a community of plants, animals and other living things in a particular physical or chemical environment) as a means of protecting all species within the environment before they become endangered and conserving natural biological diversity while supporting a sustainable level of economic and recreational activity. Ecosystem conservation/management is a complement to species-level conservation rather than an alternative, and addresses the primary cause of species decline (habitat destruction).

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Energy Conservation

Programs that conserve existing energy resources, ensure efficient use of available energy and develop new energy sources while protecting the quality of the environment.

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Land Conservation

Programs that preserve and protect endangered land resources from indiscriminate development, destruction or decay and which manage the utilization of renewable and nonrenewable resources to ensure ongoing availability. Included are conservation of forests, rangeland vegetation, deserts, wild and scenic rivers and other wilderness areas and open land spaces; and reestablishment of areas that have been devastated by strip mining or other destructive activities.

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Plant Conservation

Programs that preserve and protect endangered plant resources, protect areas where endangered plants currently thrive and restore plant habitats ensuring the preservation of the ecosystem.

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Water Resources Conservation

Programs that preserve and protect water resources from indiscriminate losses or waste, improve the efficiency of its use, encourage water-saving practices to reduce costs and slow the depletion of the water supply, and ensure that the supply of quality water is adequate to meet the needs of the public, agriculture and industry.

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Watershed Conservation

Programs that provide for the management and protection of lakes, rivers, streams, aquifers and their surrounding watersheds while addressing problems such as poorly functioning storm drains, degraded habitat, illegal sewer hookups, leaking pipes, erosion, dumping, and limited or lack of access to the river itself for fishing, swimming, canoeing or other recreational activities.

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Wildlife Conservation

Programs that are responsible for the conservation, protection, care and management of fish and wildlife resources and their habitats.

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The above terms and definitions are part of the Taxonomy of Human Services, used here by permission of INFO LINE of Los Angeles.