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Guardians ad Litem

Individuals appointed by the court to represent, in a particular lawsuit, the interests of minors, people judged to be incompetent or people unborn or unascertained who may have a future interest in the property involved in the litigation. These special guardians may also serve as advocates for dependent children pending settlement of their cases in dependency court.

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Pretrial Release

Programs that approve applications for the release of individuals who have been indicted for a crime prior to their trial date and allow them to return to their homes while awaiting their scheduled appearance in court. Options include release on the individual's own recognizance, release on non-financial conditions that require monitoring the defendant in the community, setting bail in the form of property, cash, or surety that the defendant must post in order to be released or ordering the defendant retained in confinement without bail (which occurs when the individual is considered a flight risk or a danger to the community).

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Provincial/Federal Crown Counsel

Programs that are part of the provincial or federal judicial system that are responsible for prosecuting, in the name of the government, individuals who have been accused of an offence.

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