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Map RecordCalvary Church

Map RecordCalvary ChurchSt Catharines An Associated Gospel Church offering services to the residents of St Catharines.

Map RecordCalvary Church, Calvary Student Ministries

Map RecordCalvary Church, Calvary Student MinistriesSt Catharines A ministry focused on reaching, teaching, and leading junior high and high school students to grow in their faith no matter where they are at, and challenging them to make their faith real to them, an ... [More]

Map RecordCalvary Church, Summer Camps

Map RecordCalvary Church, Summer CampsSt Catharines Offers annual summer camp experiences for youth. Vacation Bible School and some sports camps available.

Map RecordCalvary Church, Wednesday Night Live

Map RecordCalvary Church, Wednesday Night LiveSt Catharines Lamppost sessions are a gathering of like-minded and different people for the purpose of converstation and dicipleship. JAM (ministry programming) is a place where kids can grow in relationships, fait ... [More]